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Genesis. The Earth.

Growing up in Cleveland in the 60s and 70s, I was painfully aware of pollution. Watching garbage trucks backup and dump their bins into Lake Erie to “build land”, I remember being disturbed at a core level. Land was formed by the erosion of rocks. Not by garbage poured into an already dead lake. This was wrong.

The Earth is alive. It has a vascular system. It has an electrical and a magnetic system. It moves the many parts of its crusts at its discretion. It cries, it gets angry and it screams. The Earth hides its many treasures from view, often taunting Man with brief glimpses. Over time and many geology courses I came to believe that The Earth has a soul and a spirit.

It is the soul and the spirit of The Earth over its lifetime that I attempt to capture. No landscape or seascape seen today was created in an instant. The past and the present are often visible simultaneously if we look closely.

The cliffs, the plains, valleys, the topography of the Earth and what is below the surface fascinate me. After calculating the refraction waves from earthquakes in college, I realize what is below the surface is ever changing as is the surface.

Earth Gallery:
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