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Genesis. Space.

Year 9, I was taught Space was an empty void. This made no sense since you can look up and see the stars and the Moon.

Now we know that from the first space walk, scientists knew Space had a smell. Burnt metal. Ionized dust particles clung to the astronauts’ suits. Dust from where? Gravitational forces are impacting predicted comet and star transits unexpectedly. Forces from where?

With the Space telescopes we have a tiny insight into a seemingly creative and a destructive process. We can now see the beauty of the Nebulae, one of my favorite subjects to begin a painting composition. The current theory of a Nebulae is that the reflection of a star’s light reflecting off of particles of gases is captured by the telescope’s imaging system. The gas determines the color. For now I just want to capture their beauty. Science has been frequently reinterpreted.

The Nebulae are the inspiration for the ‘Nebula Celestial Bouquet’ Series.

Space Gallery:
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