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Genesis. My Art Journey.

In the beginning there were crayons, blank paper. In books, my sister drew circles, my brother drew zig-zags, I drew birds. To my older brother, books were sacred and not to be marred. Mom noticed.

Year 8, Saturday’s were spent at The Cleveland Museum of Arts’ Gifted Children’s Program. Mom was pleased. Year 11, I received a scholarship to Cleveland Public Schools’ Summer Art Program. Best summer ever. There I learned the importance of capturing emotions in your art. I was in awe. Mom was very pleased.

At that time my parents also learned I was very good in and interested in math and science. Dad was pleased.

Art ended, science on the weekends began. I was confused.

Year 16, with my SAT scores back, I was informed “Art” could be a hobby.

Years later, as a mathematician and scientist, I learned knowledge is powerful. And now, science and art have combined into my art expression. I present my work to you for what I hope is a playful and informative art experience.


“Art With Elegance” is here - a sanctuary for artist expression. I’m pleased.

Studio 306 Images:
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